KYBELLA Off - Label Uses To Melt Fat Away

As you’ve been aging you’ve noticed that things don’t look the same as they used to. Your chin has gained some friends, your clothes don’t fit as well and you’re not as satisfied with your body image. You’ve thought of taking care of it but aren’t interested in surgical remedies. Have you considered trying KYBELLA®, a non-surgical way to remove fat? Available at It’s A Secret Med Spa, KYBELLA is a much less invasive way to contour your appearance than surgery. 

Introduced in the United States in 2015, KYBELLA was originally created to get rid of a double chin without surgery. Using a synthetic version of a naturally occurring molecule in our bodies, deoxycholic acid, to eliminate fat cells, KYBELLA has become the solution of choice for many men and women to improve a client’s facial appearances without surgery.

 Contouring the body without surgery is something many of our clients are looking for, not only for convenience purposes but also for the cost savings involved. Although it was initially FDA-approved to reduce chin fat, with the success of KYBELLA many doctors began discussing how it could be used in other locations of the body. Would it work in other trouble spots that have bothered clients foryears? As experts started experimenting with injects in other areas of the body, the answer was yes! There are many off-label uses for KYBELLA for patients who needed help in removing fat in target areas other than under the chin. 

So what are some other areas of the body that would benefit from KYBELLA off-label uses? What areas would work best for these treatments?Here are some problem areas to consider asking us about using KYBELLA on. 

Upper Body

Outside of the underneath of the chin to get rid of double chins, other areas that KYBELLA can be used for include the cheeks and jowls. Both areas can get fattier with weight gain and age but those fat cells can be eliminated for a more contoured, sleeker appearance. Another area that often will change with age is the neck area. Consider using KYBELLA on the front and back of the neck as rolls appear to make your entire profile slimmer. 

Middle Section 

Often called ‘bra bulge’ or ‘bra fat’, having that excess fat creep over your bra or bikini top isn’t any women’s ideal. Not only unsightly, but back fat can also ruin the fit of a shirt or dress. Another aging issue for some women is the tricep area of the back of the arms getting fatter and thicker. Weight gain in this area which can prevent clients from wearing certain styles of clothing or make them avoid some styles such as sleeveless or strapless outfits. Target injections of KYBELLA would eliminate those fat pockets in both areas. 

Lower Body

If your inner thighs are tired of constricting undergarments and chaffing, consider KYBELLA injections in the thigh area so your thighs have more of a gap and aren’t rubbing together. Feeling daring while we’redown there? Ask us about slimming down your pubic region as well. Don’t forget your stomach area and ankle area as well. Getting rid of your muffin top and cankles can be as easy as a few treatments of KYBELLA

Are There Any Concerns I Need To Think About?

One downside to consider is having treatment in the larger problems are such as the stomach -it can take more treatments to cover larger areas such as the stomach. However, the cost versus traditional remedies such as liposuction can make it worth the extra treatments. Here at It’s A Secret Med Spa, we are proud of our highly educated staffwho have are continuously trained on different treatments. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about using KYBELLA. As with any drugs, there can be side effects for some patients. Our team takes the time to talk directly to each of our clients about their medical history and medications they may be taking to help try to minimize any issues. 

Are you ready to reduce the fat in your problem areas using KYBELLA body contouring? Schedule an appointment online today with your local It’s A Secret Med Spa location. Don’t forget to ask about our monthly promotions!